Committed to doing our bit for the envirionment, particularly where single use coffee and plastic cups are concerned,

we have completed our transition to resuable items. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. 

We believe, with your help, we have saved a few thousand cups from going to landfill -

and whilst that may not seem substantial; just imagine,

the amount saved if many venues including outside the danceworld were doing similar - the numbers would be enormous.

Unfortunately, due to health and safety, we are no longer supplying disposible cups.

To enjoy any available complimentary teas or coffees, waters etc, please continue to bring your own resuable tea/coffee cups & water bottles etc. 

By doing this, we hope to help reduce 

the volume of cups & plastic that ends up in landfill or in the oceans 

(which surprisingly is said to include some of which had

faithfully been put into genuine recycling channels.....). 

It has been widely reported that millions of tonnes of waste, mainly plastic, 

ends up in the sea....this needs little explanation as to what damage it does to 

marine mammals and the wider ecosystem.  

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.